About me: As a qualified Audiologist i am keen to treat patients with Balance and hearing issues like tinnitus and BPPV. I am a part-time practitioner at the LCC and have been cupping for 5 years. I have been involved in cupping in a community setting mainly for home visits and elderly patients. I was trained in Egypt and taught by specialist world renowned teachers. I am looking forward to participating in further research with the LCC on how cupping alleviates many of the symptoms we find today.

Special Interests: I offer treatment for all conditions including back pain, migraines and sports injury. I am particularly keen on tinnitus and balance, these have a significant effect on peoples lives and many of us are still unaware of how much cupping can really resolve their stress, anxiety and pains related to these symptoms. I also enjoy sports and martial arts and have witnessed many peoples injuries, whereby cupping has help put them back on the mat.

Appointments: I offer telephone assessment for all patients with tinnitus or vertigo prior to their treatment. I run a clinic once a fortnight.

Languages: English, Bengali, Arabic

Patients: Male adults only