About me: I work as a GP in South West London four days a week as well as in Croydon University Hospital in Urgent Care Centre once a week. Working within the NHS has helped me realise that there is a vast amount of benefit in complimentary medicine. My focus and remit within the LCC is developing clinical research and establishing the highest standard for the practice of wet-cupping therapy. I hope to be a part of a team that overlooks the growth of cupping in a professional, ethical and patient-centred manner. I am passionate about developing the evidence base of cupping therapy and am carrying out research on wet cupping therapy for the treatment of hypertension and migraine currently.

Special Interests: Alongside my medical practice I am a keen enthusiast in complimentary medicine and work to increase the evidence base to supports its increased use within or alongside the NHS.

Appointments: I carry out telephone assessments for all patients with medical complexity once a week. I have a monthly clinic to treat patients with complex medical conditions. I am responsible for the clinical research projects at the London Cupping Clinic.

Languages: English, Urdu

Patients: Males, all ages.

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