Our fair and open pricing

  • I am between 21-65yr old?
  • I am under 21 (student) or above 65 (OAP)?

Is this your first treatment or a followup treatment?

  • New Session
  • Follow-up
  • GP Consultation
  • Dry Cupping or Cupping Massage only

£40 per session!
We discount all our sessions for all students and OAP’s. You’ll still receive all the excellent services, unlimited cups and unlimited conditions for all of your treatments.

£55 First session!
Your first session is the most important, we take time to ensure we have all your medical history before starting treatment. You receive all excellent services from LCC and can expect unlimited cups and unlimited conditions. For certain conditions we may recommended a treatment plan for the best results, we can also make tailor made discount packages. Your aftercare and explanation is also an important part of your first experience with cupping. This session contributes to your management plan and you can expect to be followed up by phone and email too.

£45 per session!
Our follow up sessions are perfect for maintaining steady good health. Part of a treatment plan or chosen anytime by you, our follow up sessions receive all the excellent services from LCC, unlimited cups and unlimited conditions. The quicker you heal the more satisfied we are!

£75 per session!
We can also combine your cupping treatments with a private GP consultation. This is ideal if you need to discuss your management plan, medications or other complex medical problems

£35 per session!
Our dry cupping sessions are a perfect introduction to cupping therapy. It fast, effective and feels like a reverse massage, It excellent for injuries and congestion.

What does LCC do for the Community?

  • Community Hijama Days
  • Hijama Support Fund

Every month we try to engage with the local community and raise awareness about Hijama. We setup clinics in local community centres either to raise money or have local hijama provision. If you would like LCC to offer a stand, presentation or setup a clinic at an even or in a centre please email us as we will be more than happy to help in any way we can.

£?? per session!
We offer subsidised costs for patients in the community requiring essential cupping treatment and its benefits, yet are truly financially unable. LCC also accepts donations strictly for this purpose also. Please note: you will need to show proof of benefit/low income to qualify for any subsidized payments.

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