Back pain is one of the most common medical concerns and most people will suffer with back pain at some point during their lives. There are many causes of back pain such as a slipped disc, sciatica, muscle strains or spasms and arthritis. All these varieties of back pain can be severely debilitating and leave you constantly in pain, unable to work and things stop you for going about your daily routines. Back pain of all different types is the most common symptom we treat in the LCC. What cupping offers to you is targeted, precise pain relief. We will determine exactly where your pain is emanating from and ensure your symptoms have improved by the end of your very first session. Do you suffer with back pain are worried that you are going to be taking medication all of your life? If so, why not unload some of those stresses by having a treatment session and witnessing how much improvement is possible. Make an appointment today.

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