The clinicians at the LCC are at their happiest when we see the improvement that cupping has enabled in our patients and this is most commonly seen in our arthritic patients. Arthritis can take many different guises but the pain can often be extremely distressing and difficult to treat. Whether it be rheumatism or age related osteoarthritis, taking the pain out at the site of pain, directly leaves our patients instantly relieved. Not only does our experience tell us that cupping treatment gives immediate relief but it also provides long-term improvement in symptoms of joint pain. Have a closer look at our Case of the Month section to see one of our arthritic patient’s stories. Are you becoming frustrated that you are requiring more and more painkillers or that the side effects of the drugs you are now taking their toll. Why not try a more natural approach and treat your joint pain at the source by contacting the London Cupping Clinic today. Joint pain is one of our main concerns at the LCC and we are in the process of collating data so we can produce medical research in this field. If you suffer with joint pain and are interested in participating in clinical research at the LCC as a patient please contact us and leave us your email so we can get back to you.

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