Stretch Marks and Cellulite

Cupping therapy is an increasingly popular method to help deal with unwanted stretch marks and cellulite with a number of Hollywood celebrities contributing to its popularity over the last few years.

We regularly treat patients for weight loss and stretch marks after pregnancy and our experience of the results is positive. A combination of dry cupping and application of cider vinegar over the cupped areas seems to work well.

It is rare for our clinicians to offer dry cupping over wet cupping (Hijama) but this is one of the instances where dry cupping may be indicated over wet cupping.

Despite this there may be some theoretical benefit in removing blood from areas where the skin has lost its shape and firmness. By stimulating blood flow over the desired area we encourage blood flow and this may result in rejuvenation of the connective tissue.

Clearly this is theoretical and unfortunately we can not call upon a significant number of patients treated to state with conviction that Hijama or dry cupping will definitively help. Given the lack of alternative treatments for cellulite, cupping therapy is a great place to start!

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