Skin Conditions

Skin disorders are a major area of illness that we treat extremely effectively at the LCC. Acne and Psoriasis can render your skin extremely inflamed and can be very difficult to manage. Our patients have had excellent and lasting improvements after just one session. Please see our case of the month for a real life example of how effective cupping can be severe skin diseases for both males and females. If you have a chronic skin condition which is not being effectively treated by emollient creams and steroids we would humbly suggest you try cupping. Our findings after treating many patients with severe acne and psoriasis are very promising. After one session of removing the toxins from your bloodstream you will be able to see the improvement in your skin condition. After this you may need ‘top-up’ cupping to keep your skin a much improved state. Arrange for a call back with one of our clinicians to discuss your symptoms or send in a picture of your particular problem. We can discuss whether cupping can help with your skin disorder.

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