Hijama (wet cupping therapy) is a very effective therapy for the treatment of psoriasis. Psoriasis is a skin condition affecting around 2% of people in the UK. Usually skin cells last get 'renewed and replaced' by the body every 4 weeks or so. However in psoriasis this process becomes much more rapid. Due to this rapid 'turnover' of skin, large red inflamed skin patches appear. These areas are often called 'plaques' and can be itchy, unsightly and even painful.

Although the exact cause of psoriasis is not fully understood, it is thought to be related to a problem with the immune system. For patients with psoriasis, the immune system attacks healthy skin cells by mistake. This attack on the immune system is what results in the speeding up of the skin cycle and the skin 'plaques'.

The treatment of psoriasis has traditionally been with the use of steroid creams and emollients. Most people are weary of using strong creams due to the side effects. Also the concept of treating the symptoms and not the underlying illness is far from ideal. There are other treatments such as UV light therapy and more recently 'biological agents'. There are drawbacks and side effects to both these treatments also.

By understanding that psoriasis is a disease of the immune system, the benefits of wet cupping can be understood easily. Hijama improves immune function by removing the stagnant blood from the circulation and selectively filtering toxins from the body. This results in 'an immune-regulatory function'. Essentially Hijama tackles tackles the disease from the root of the problem rather than simply trying to manage the symptoms

At the LCC we have witnessed great results in our treatment of psoriasis. We genuinely believe that wet cupping therapy can offer you results that you won't get any other way. Depending on how severe and widespread the symptoms are, improvement can be expected after 3 sessions of wet cupping. Regular cupping is required in our experience to keep the symptoms under control for the long-term.

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