Menstrual Problems

Menstrual Problems

At the LCC we have treated at least 20 women a month having menstrual problems with Hijama (wet cupping). Symptoms related to menstruation are very common worldwide. Studies show up to half of all women suffer with significant period pain, 15% may suffer with heavy bleeding and 9% with absent or very infrequent periods.

We have seen improvement in amennohrhoea (absent periods), oligomenorrhoea (infrequent periods), dysmennorhoea (painful periods), and endometriosis.

At the LCC we take a holistic approach to your health and it is important to make use of medical tests and investigations to understand what is driving your symptoms. There can be underlying issues with hormones, diet, stress or inflammation in the uterus which may be causing your symptoms.

Many of our patients do not wish to take tablets or hormone pills to control their cycles. Others feel that surgery seems to extreme and are not confident that it well help anyway. For women who are not having cycles there may be no medicines or treatments offered. In all the above and countless other situations wet cupping therapy can offer definitive treatment for your symptoms.

The impact of wet cupping therapy on period problems is witnessed frequently in our clinic. We have treated several women who experience dramatic improvement with Hijama. The mechanism of how cupping works is not fully understood but theories have been suggested. It appears likely that cupping stimulates the body to regulate and balance its hormone levels.

Treatment plans can vary for the treatment of period problems and you are likely to need a few appointments to regulate symptoms. It is difficult to give a timescale for how long this will take as your appointments should be timed with your periods ideally. After the initial more intense treatment we advise you to come back if when you feel that you need a further session.

Early 2016 will see the launch of our Women’s Health Clinic. We will be offering special treatment packages so you to take advantage of our full service at the LCC. Patients using the women's health clinic will automatically be registered to take part in our clinical research projects in this area.


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