Liver Disease

Hijama therapy can be an effective way of treating a range of liver diseases. Some common problems we deal with regularly at the London Cupping Clinic are directly related to the liver. We have treated several patients with ‘fatty liver disease’. Infections of the liver such as Hepatitis are also treated at the LCC.

The liver is responsible for removing toxins from the blood stream and it thus follows that if you have liver disease your liver is not able to do its’ job with same effectiveness as it did when healthy. In these situations the body may start to show signs of the build-up of toxins and symptoms such as tiredness, loss of apetite, nausea and even jaundice can occur.

Hijama directly cleanses the circulation and can reduce the pressure on the liver by directly removing toxins from your circulation

Hijama to target the liver is useful for many conditions such as bowel disorders and certain cancers and should always be done with experienced clinicians. There are many other more rare conditions which are rarer and also affect the liver and if you have been told you are suffering from a condition affecting the liver and wish to discuss with one of our medical team please contact us.

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