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Psychological problems come an extremely wide range and cupping has been used and sadly abused by many for spiritual healing. However there is a definite potential for effective treatment for a variety of psychological illnesses through cupping. Your symptoms may be very subtle or extremely troubling and the LCC can provide effective help for many psychological problems. You will find that cupping can improve your concentration and focus, give you more energy and lift your mood. It is for these reasons that many people have cupping done regularly, often on a monthly basis. We would also suggest that if you suffer with anxiety or stress than cupping can offer a quick and immediate relief from some of your symptoms. For other psychological illnesses we would recommend you call the centre and ask to speak to one of our medical Doctors or our cupping clinicians so that we can assess whether cupping is appropriate for you. If we do not feel that cupping can help your symptoms we can point you in the right direction depending on your particular circumstances. If you would like to discuss anything in further detail please arrange for a free, no obligations call back with one of the team.

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