Bowel Disorders

Bowel Disorders
At the LCC we regularly treat a range of conditions related to digestive problems. We have patients who have Hijama regularly for Inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulitis, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and reflux. We have had some great results in treating the above conditions and cupping therapy can offer an effective alternative treatment to taking medications.

Hijama (wet cupping therapy) targets the circulation directly and helps remove toxins from the blood. Treating bowel conditions is made difficult by the fact that the bowel is deep under your skin and it can be difficult to target a particular part of the digestive tract. It is also very important to appreciate how important diet is to dealing with digestive problems.

Without identifying harmful foods and changing dietary habits Hijama will only have a fraction of the impact it should. If you are suffering with a problem with digestion than we advise you book a full appointment with a member of our specialist team. In our consultations we can give you dietary advice and suggest natural and herbal remedies to help with your condition or symptoms.

Your requirements for Hijama vary significantly depending on the symptoms or diseases you come to us with. It may be that a single session can stop symptoms of pain and inflammation of the bowel. Often we find that more regular treatment is required to effectively treat your condition.

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