Paediatric Club

Have you been seeing your GP for a problem?

Do you keep having to take prescriptions with no real change to your symptoms?

At LCC our team of medical doctors have a hijama club service. "We aim to assist all our patients young and old. For our younger patients we provide a specialist clinic, where we take you and your child through a structured patient journey to make their experience comfortable. We understand the needs of children are quite different to adults, hence why we run a specialised clinic for children. Everything will be discussed and all your questions answered at the initial consultation where the clinician will decide if your child is suitable for cupping."

We have utilised cupping as part of children's conventional therapy for example for asthma, but have been able to assist those with more complex medical conditions. Please contact us directly if you are unsure if your child could benefit from cupping, and an experienced clinician will have an initial discussion with you.

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