What is cupping

What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping therapy now practiced for over a thousand years is whereby a local suction is applied on the skin. The pressure of the suction causes dispels stagnant blood and lymph fluid, causing it to mobilize and flow, this promotes healing at the the site and surrounding areas. The suction that is used can be created by a professional suction machine, fire or other handheld vacuum devices.

Cupping Therapy is practiced across the globe with slight variations and may also be known as any of the following badkesh, banki, bahnkes, bekam, buhang, bentusa, kyukaku, gak hoi, Hijamah cupping, kavaa and singhi among others.

Not only is hijama cupping alleviating the symptoms from a whole array of medical problem its also improves general physical and psychological well-being.

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