Clinical Research Cupping therapy – Introduction

A major part of the vision we have at the London Cupping Clinic is to better understand cupping and to develop a reputable clinical research  for cupping therapy. Patients who have undergone cupping therapy as well as our practitioners are well aware of the efficacy of cupping but to date this does not translate into published scholarly journals.

In this section you can find published abstracts and journals already published on wet cupping therapy. In the upcoming months you will also find out more information about ongoing and proposed clinical trials we are carrying out at the London Cupping clinic.Clinical Research Cupping therapy

We will publish our aims, hypotheses and keep updates of results we collate. We will be conducting research for the effect of cupping on hypertension, migraine prophylaxis, lumbar pain and psoriasis.

By producing a high standard of clinical research we are aspiring to develop cupping as better understood and more commonly used therapy for patients and ultimately hoping to incorporate cupping therapy into the NHS.

This is an area where we will require your assistance; you may be asked if you are willing to participate in our research from time to time. Keep a close an eye on this area of the website to see if we are running any trials which you may be able to participate in.

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