What to expect

We always welcome everyone to the LCC; our aim is ensure your journey towards relief and improved health is professional, caring and understanding.

When pain or a multitude of other symptoms are recurring and chronic we know that the search for the solution can be difficult and even seem hopeless. It is for precisely this reason we ensure that through every step of your experience you are well informed and treated by highly qualified clinicians.

Upon making an appointment at the LCC, we will carry out a pre-therapy medical assessment ensuring that cupping is safe and appropriate for you and that you are happy with our proposed treatment plan. Your treatment will usually take an hour but we do not limit your treatment to time or cups used rather your treatment is limited only by safety and satisfaction. Once cupping therapy is complete we will provide you an after care plan and suggested follow-up sessions if appropriate.

Here are the steps you can expect after booking your first consultation with us:

1) Booking an appointment - Contact our friendly staff via phone/email and book a time that is convenient for you. For certain situations we can carry out home visits-please enquire.

2) Attending Our Clinic in South London - you will be presented with a brief health and personal data questionnaire and have time to take refreshments and relax before treatment begins.

3) Meeting a Qualified Practitioner - Our practitioners will take you to the treatment room and carry out a full medical history to better understand the nature of your pain and symptoms.

4) Information & Consent - If cupping is appropriate and your are happy to proceed you will be asked to sign a consent form

5) The Cupping Procedure - The Cupping procedure must be done in a sterile environment; all instruments are new, clean, sterile and in accordance with regulations and guidelines.

  • A small cup made out of glass will be placed on the site of pain or nearby to create a vacuum on your skin.
  • This vacuum pressure is applied steadily via an air suction machine or a hand-pump.
  • Small cuts are then made on the surface of skin.
  • The cup is replaced on the same area and a small amount of blood is released out of the body.
  • The entire procedure is done with your safety and comfort in mind.

6) Aftercare - Once cupping therapy is completed, the sites of cupping will be cleaned and dressings applied. You will be provided information from the clinician and advised as to whether future treatment is recommended.

We continue to care for our patients after the cupping session is completed and are available to provide our expertise and advice free of charge post-treatment.



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