New Consultations

If its the first time your having an appointment at the LCC you will be booked for a new consultation.

A new consultation is a one hour appointment and begins with us going through your medical history and establishing what it is that requires treatment.

Our full consultations are the ideal appointments for patients with specific conditions or symptoms as the treatment is not confined to any part of the body and is there is no limit to the nber of cups we use.

Often we need to take some extra time in this appointment to talk through the entire process of Hijama and to answer questions that you may have.

Once it is felt by the clinician that it is safe to proceed and you are happy to have Hijama we continue with a full Hijama session; we have no limit to the number of cups we use and will treat as many of your ailments as possible.

With your treatment complete the clinician will discuss a potential plan for follow up and you will be given instructions for getting the full benefit of Hijama with our aftercare plan.

Having attended a full appointment you will be contacted by our aftercare liaison to gain your feedback and ensure you were happy with your treatment two weeks after your appointment.

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