Amir Khan engaged in cupping

Amir Khan shared pictures on his Facebook and Instagram pages of him using the Cupping therapy to get rid of bad blood. The images showed cups which were filled with congealed blood which were extracted from Amir Khan’s back.

Cupping is a very old technique which has been associated to be an old Asian therapy. Also known to be called Hijama, cupping has also recommended highly in Islam so could be one of the reasons Khan would have carried this out.

So what is cupping and what are the benefits? Cupping is the process where small incisions are made individual, mainly to the back or to an injured or aggravated area, and a cup is used to create a vacuum suction until the flow of blood subsides. This process pulls congealed blood and fluids out of the focused area. The basic idea is to remove toxins out of the body and to bring fresh blood flow, which boosts blood circulation, reduces stress and tension and eases congestion. It also is known to relieve pain of tight and sore muscles.

To some, the sight of blood may look gruesome, and although this process looks very painful, the actual process is virtually pain-free. The blood filled cups are not a very nice spectacle but the general consensus from individuals who have carried this out it is a pain-free therapy that does relieve stress from areas of concern, and provides a sense of renewed energy.

This process has previously been used in celebrity world as certain actresses such as Jennifer Aniston and Gywneth Paltrow have used this method to improve their health. Could Amir Khan carrying this out force others in the sport to look into this technique to improve their health and maybe relieve stress from muscle areas? It could be something to look out for in the future.

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