About hijama practice

The popularity in Hijama or wet cupping therapy has increased exponentially in the UK over the last decade. A surge in demand for treatment has resulted in dozens of courses, certificates and diplomas available. At the London Cupping Clinic one of the most common questions we are asked is 'are our clinicians qualified?'. The answer this question is clearly 'Yes!', but the issue of Hijama practice in the UK is one that should be considered in more detail.

Currently in the UK, 'Hijama practitioner' is not a recognised job title and there is no professional pathway to become a practitioner. Furthermore there are no clinical policies, requirements or governance that has been set by the government, the Department of Health, the NHS or local authorities. What this means is that any individual can claim to be a qualified Hijama practitioner. At the LCC we recognise this very situation as problematic and dangerous for patients, practitioners and the reputation of Hijama itself.

At inception, one of the key visions of the LCC was to set the clinical standard for wet cupping therapy and to be ready as a clinic for when wet cupping therapy becomes an established alternative therapy. To this effect we set ourselves the standards of a medical facility; patient confidentiality, clinical waste disposal, clinic sanitisation and medical record keeping, to name but a few, are areas in which we make no compromises in.

Patient safety is our number one priority and medically complex patients are triaged by a medically qualified team member to ensure that not only is Hijama safe and appropriate for them but that their expectations of the therapy are realised. Too often we have become aware of Hijama therapists who pay no regard to a patient's medical history and the medications they are taking, implying that cupping will rid them of all their symptoms. We make no apologies for not following this formula and we decline treating patients if we feel it is unsafe for treatment to proceed.

The team at LCC represents the diversity of Hijama practitioners that currently exists in the UK. There is no single qualification that is required to be a Hijama practitioner and subsequently our practitioners have been screened based upon their background qualifications, actual experience of Hijama practice, anatomy and physiology knowledge as well as and Hijama qualifications gained. With this approach we have an excellent clinical team who continue to learn and develop. Clinical meetings ensure we discuss cases, new findings and our team members benefit and enrich each other through combined experience.

We expect to be at the heart of the imminent professionalising of wet cupping therapy in the UK and the high standards we set for clinical hygiene, patient treatment and staff development is what sets LCC apart from many other providers.

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